How to submit the job and interpret the status of processing ?

Step 1: Input Data

For sequence-based prediction the user can either paste or upload an amino acid sequence in FASTA file format. The following input options are available:
      Enter a FASTA sequence: paste a protein sequence in FASTA format. 
      Upload a FASTA sequence file: upload a protein sequence in FASTA file format from a local folder. 


FASTA sequence file format: A FASTA file consists of a header line that begins with ">" character, followed by an optional sequence name and the sequence itself: >1A5J:A|PDBID|CHAIN|SEQUENCE GIPDLVKGPWTKEEDQKVIELVKKYGTKQWTLIAKHLKGRLGKQCRERWHNHLNPEVKKSSWTEEEDRIIFEAHKV LGNRWAEIAKLLPGRTDNAVKNHWNSTIKRKVDT

Sequence string should be represented using the standard one-letter amino acid codes, which includes twenty characters for the twenty amino acid types. 
The user can enter your sequence without using > character.
 FlePS software is not case sensitive.If the user enters sequence with unknown residues, FlePS will ignore them and prediction is done just for normal amino acid.  
And press the Submitbutton.

Step 2: Waiting Page

If everything is correctly done, you will see a waiting page.

Step 3: Result Page

Figure shows a sample prediction result.