ProDA (Protein Design Assistant)
Welcome to the help page of ProDA(Protein Design Assistant)

Our aim
ProDA is developed to returns suitable peptide fragments.Users who want to get suitable peptide fragments can specify physicochemical features to get desired peptide fragments. ProDA gives five different parameters as input that can be selected upon users' request. It search our peptide fragment database to find the best fragments.

    User can find peptide fragments with these specific input prpoerties:

    Amino acid compsition: Each amino acid can be specified by its one letter name.

    Polarity: Each amino acid can be classified in two groups of Polar (P) and Non polar (N).

    Surface accessibility: Each amino acid is classified in three groups of Exposed (E), Buried (B) and intermediated (I).

    Seconday structure: Each amino acid is classified in Coil (C), Helix (H) and Strand (S).