MemBuilder II (Beta Ver.)

---Frequently Asked Questions and Answers---

  1. Is there any way to access the results of my requests later?
      Yes! You just need to register. We will keep your result at least 2 months.
  2. Are you planning to add lipid topologies of other force fields?
      The short answer is No, although we may add lipids of GAFF force field in the future.
  3. How can I insert a protein in my membrane?
      At this moment, you can use g_membed program implemented in GROMACS to build membrane-protein complex. We are also planning to add an automatic service to build membrane-protein complex.
  4. Could you please build a membrane bilayer, micelle or liposome with a particular lipid which is NOT already implemented in MemBuilder?
      No, unfortunately it's not possible right now. However, we are planning to add an automatic service enabling you to build a membrane with your own lipids in the future.
  5. How do I cite the lipid topologies provided here in my paper?
      The references you need are cited in MemBuilder paper.